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Something beautifully strange happened to me last night. I fell from a dream as one would fall from a tree and landed on my kitchen floor hungry for Ithaca as Odysseus was when he landed on Calypso's sea. The dancing kettles and pots didn't know what hit them at first; and the singing stove froze on a high note. Last checked he is still holding his breath. Now, for hundreds of years it has been a well kept secret that kitchen appliances sing and dance when nobody is watching. This makes the unbearable task of remembering their human life as bread sticks holders and kitchen knives a joyful pun for living.

As I stood up from my fall, under the dim light of the kitchen; I noticed something unexpected. I noticed that I was strangely awake & I realized that all the other times that I had been awake, I hadn't really been awake. I was simply dressed in a more wide eyed pose of sleeping. I noticed something else too. I noticed I was really famished. Famished for something that doesn't have a name...but I knew for certainty…that it was something… something that resembled a cookie.

As my hand reached for the jar of cookies, however; it found something else instead… it found a wish jar. Oh me! Oh my! I swear it on a sleeping tortoise that there's nothing better in the world than a wish disguised as a cookie inside of a wish jar. How can I describe what it tastes like? A wish disguised as a cookie tastes like the deepest, darkest, secret desire of your heart. There are some wishes that once swallowed make the wishers imagine they have sprouted wings; and there are those that...
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