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Come work with us as we create an Animated Sequence to be included in the Live Edit of RegularJOE's "Fall Formal Finale" musical performance.

In the song, Joe has a conversation with God regarding the history of RECording, coinciding with the history of man. The Animation would be integrated into the Live Edit to help characterize this conversation. We're hoping to include this on our upcoming hitRECorderly #3 LIVE ALBUM and we've enlisted AW Clift from the community to serve as Resident Animator.


You can contribute to the "Fall Formal Finale" collaboration here:


Here's how YOU can contribute to this collaboration:

ILLUSTRATORS & CHARACTER DESIGNERS: The style of your illustrations should be in Classic Cartoon Style and the color palette should be bright with positive, happy colors.

> Here are the CHARACTERS we need illustrated:

* God

* Cavemen

* Dinosaurs

* Thomas Edison

* Lumiere Brothers

* RegularJOE (dressed in "Fall Formal Finale" suit)

* Assorted Background Characters

> Here are the BACKGROUNDS we need illustrated:

* Thomas Edison's Workshop

* Cave with buffalo paintings on the wall

* Sunny Park with green grass, trees, and a beautiful blue sky

* Theater Curtains with the classic long drapes

> Here are the PROPS we need illustrated:

* RegularJOE's Camera

* Photographic Cylinder

* 1890's Film Camera

* Chorus Sequence


NOTE: Please upload your Illustrations as JPEGs and also in a ZIP Folder as layered PSD files.

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