This started out as an assignment I did for class. I was suppose to eavesdrop on a stranger's conversation and create an illustration based on the words. There is version with text as well. 

"I kept crying, like seriously - I cried for days on end. It was super depressing, everywhere I looked I saw my fish." -random preteen girl

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    Your piece has inspired a poem:
  • Arinholi
    "My eyes have emptied, yet my soul has filled."
  • 2013-01-04%2000.34.45
    As her heart broke she cried a river of tears, this way she could release everything her hopes, her fears. Golden fish came to make this their home, but how could she stop now for fear of being alone.
  • Img_3911
    Wow! This reminds me of myself and how my heart falls for and breaks ONLY WITH a Pisces! Ain't that something!? Beautiful work!!
  • Hitrecord%20pic
    This picture is so pretty, I had to download it. I want to write a story about it when I get a chance, but for now, this is just going to be my desktop background. :)
  • 6480_1088582216355_4362353_n
    Left this as a record, but not sure if they were tied together since this is my first attempt at this.
    "Stop I must for fear that I might drown. . . but I could udoubtedly use the company"
  • Amateurme-1652144
    Love this! Needs a Tiny Story to go with it!
  • Photo_on_11-20-12_at_6.23_pm__2
    This is so beautiful!

    "Her ending was another's beginning."
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