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sup guys & gals

this a request specifically to HITRECORD BRASS PLAYERS
i'm nearing my 500th RECord and i've been working on a remix for about a few months that's nearing completion and i thought it would be cool if i uploaded this REmix as my 500th RECord.
but before i do that, i need some outside help

but it's not in the way that you'd think it would be...

the key is that i'm not going to tell you what i'm working on, and you're not going to know what you're RECording for until it's uploaded
the reason is not for surprise, but because it would be a cool experiment to have people play without knowing what it is you're playing for and to have everyone's parts put together.

here's what i need:
all brass (trumpet, saxes, trombones)
playing at a specific tempo in a specific key
essentially soloing on your own
think 'the national anthem' by radiohead (where the horns were all playing their own individual solos at once - fucking chaos - that's EXACTLY what i'm looking for)

play to the temp of 85 bpm
in the keys E major/minor and maybe some C major as well
it doesn't matter what kind of scale
just solo to the click track (if you have a drum beat at 85 you want to play to, go ahead), and play WHATEVER YOU WANT

it's up to you to decide how you want to solo. 

best way to do it is to make one whole audio record of different takes of you playing different ways and styles
-long drawn out notes/extended slow legato playing (neither major or minor - try to avoid the 3rd note in the scale)
-soloing traditional (phrases and stuff, jazz or blues or rock or WHATEVER - just PLAY)
-end of the world crazy

those are just suggestions though. you can play whatever/however you want, but it MUST be in the tempo/key i specified

once you upload it, i will chop it up and put it into the REmix however I please

I know this is a weird crazy avant-garde idea, but trust me on this. i think it'll sound really cool.

Thanks again <3

Robo J

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