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I made this as an ode, basically to HitRECord, but more so to the community that it houses. I appreciate every second I'm here and I think about our possibilities even when I'm not. So I guess I'm just saying thanks to everyone for making it wonderful. I'm not much of a voiceover artist or a video editor, but it was for a purpose, so I gave it a shot.


What you see here, is a monument. It's the beginning of the beginning. A lantern in a dark room. A torch in the forest.

What you see here, is the human soul splayed across a canvas. Penned on old paper. Sang in the voices of a thousand songs. Burned into the celluloid and spattered across the screen, silver or otherwise.

What you see here, are the rays of light that spread across the bedroom floor in the afternoon. The dust particles that float carelessly through them. A warmth unknown to the night that always comes eventually.

What you see here, is a testament to the strength of our spirits. The animals inside of us that tear and howl to be loosed upon the world. And we let them move from our hearts, to our veins, into the ends of our fingertips, onto canvases. Through our throats and past our teeth, to the ears of whoever is listening. And we show our dirty hands to the world and ask that they find hope in whatever is laid there.

What you see here, is love.

What you see here are saviors, heroes, artists, and martyrs. Here you'll see people, alive. And we've all lost something to the pen or to the brush, we've bled into the camera lenses and the microphones. We're illuminating the corners of the darkest rooms.

What you see here is our collective wounds. The scars they leave behind are ours, and they are testaments to the craft. They're reminders that we live to create a better world, a better place to survive in.

What you see here is the sunrise. The blue before the morning.

And what you'll see from now on, is the birth of a beautiful future.

What you see here, is thousands of people, together, building the sun from light they've made themselves.

And the sun, it's getting brighter. It's going to be a beautiful day. It's going to be a very, very beautiful day.

Thanks, for everything. 



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