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I've never been one of the "popular" kids.

I was born in Saudi Arabia and was in a British school. My family returned to India when I was ten years old and enrolled me in a local, private school. In a school where english pronunciation and diction was horrendous, I was the little girl with the british accent. I was teased mercilessly, not only by kids but by the teachers too. They made up little songs and rhymes about me. I cried everyday till my parents told me that I spoke english the way it was supposed to be spoken. That made me feel so much better. I hated school in India. I just didn't seem to fit in anywhere. 

As the years went by, the other girls blossomed into ladies. I didn't. I was a late bloomer. By the time I finished school, I was under five feet, wore glasses and was called "ugly". Because I was quiet, unassuming and according to my teachers, "not talented in any way", I was overlooked for positions like class leader, head girl, house captain etc.

After school, I did eventually "blossom". I grew eight inches in three months and started wearing contact lenses. And since I was now taller than most of the girls and quite a lot of the boys, from being called a "midget", I was labelled a "freak". I didn't care, I loved my height.

Through school and what we call junior college, I guess for the US it's high school, I had only one really close friend. She was an outsider too. I think that's why we bonded. She was teased because of her weight. If people had looked past the weight, they would have seen the wonderful person I knew and enjoyed spending time with. But while I...

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