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I Am 1954 Released Sep 07, 2012

When I first heard about the outsiders collab I instantly thought of an outlaw. So here is my story. It would be awesome if someone would add slide guitar or some other instrument or back up vocals. Enjoy!


I live my life on the road

An outlawed man with no home

Blood and whiskey all over my clothes

Runnin' from the law but the laws gettin' close

Hell, I better run

I've seen men like me settle down

They love their women and their town

But I love the feeling of layin' low

Just livin' wild as a wanted man

Hell, I better run

I hear the Sheriff yellin' loud

"Listen boy, you better come out"

Gun in hand, shoot to kill

Bust out the back as i head for the hill

Hell, I better run

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