inspired by the themetafictionist's 'Bliss (blackout poetry)' RECord, i thought it would be fun to see what other poems could come out of tori's BLISS writing piece, so i came up with this here thing.

  • Yasmin-waring
    This is luminous.

    It's two years later and you're still inspiring. I discovered this piece today and felt compelled to record it. I hope you like:
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    This is lovely<<33
    by Harp
  • Dsc_0111
    This is gorgeous.
  • Logo_4
    Hey. We started a collab called Poetic Chaos and we really wanted to add this piece. Thought that it really fit the theme so we hope u don't mind that we added it. Thanks.
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    Cool! What's great about this piece - and tori's writing in general - is that there are so many possibilities within it. I was honestly surprised there wasn't more blackout poetry on hitrecord, given the remix nature of the craft and the huge amounts of wonderful writing on the site. It's a great way to remix all kinds of text, from excellent prose pieces like this, to other poems, and even more seemingly mundane things, like collaboration descriptions.
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    holy schniekies! thanks so much everyone! <3
    @themetafictionist, i agree completely! i love the idea of one piece of art having the life of many different pieces of art.... REMIX BABY! :-D
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    Featured by: Jared (Producer)
    Date: 9.8.12

    Comment: I love this. Both pieces of writing are wonderful. And, I love the way you've laid this out graphically. Well done! I wonder if there's a way to make some sort of audio/visual representation of this?
    by jared
  • Me
    I absolutely love this & I love how different it is from Rainey's, even though it's based on the same text. I really like how you chose to display it to with the highlights vs crossed out. I can't believe there hasn't been more blackout poetry on the site either. I'm really keen to have a go myself (I've never done it before). I just made a new collab for it - maybe that will inspire some more. Please will you add this to the collab?
    by tori
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