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"An anthem can be “oh say can you see”

About a people fighting the “good” fight towards prosperity

Or the words can go “god save the queen”

Not hard to divine what those sentences mean

The words may change as they flit between lands

But there is an undeniable sameness that any anthem demands

Those people are singing with a sense of pride and unity

And while not patriotic myself it’s a sight I cant see

Without feeling a little tug at my heart

That while those people are pulled together I am pushed apart

Left standing perpetually cold on the fringe

Wishing it was a dream that would stop with a pinch

What are the words that my people can chant?

I can’t be the only one needing to rant

So it was the first of June and once again felt quite isolated

After having been told that my art work was hated

For being...

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