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AND NOW, FOR SOME EXCITING NEWS! Levi's® is coming on board through the end of the year to support the hitRECord community and help us share our art more broadly than ever before. Check out this video for more. I'm super-stoked about it!


Levi's® has quite a history of supporting innovative art and artists. I'm honored that hitRECord and our community are joining the long list of artists that Levi's has collaborated with, which include Shephard Fairey, The Andy Warhol Foundation, Damien Hirst, and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.

2012 is shaping up to be a pretty busy year for hitRECord. Later in the year we're doing a mini tour of our Live Shows with the support of Levi's. They are also going to be distributing our more polished videos far and wide on the Interwebs. And not only that, we'll all be collaborating to create a limited edition piece of art together.

And as a result of this collaboration, we'll be able to pay our contributing artists way more than we've ever been able to before!


Thanks Again!





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