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princess and the pea
sojushots Released Sep 03, 2012

for the "same story, different ending collab" ....perhaps someone could give this classic story a new ending? ^^

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  • Mirtle
    Fantastic!! Love!! :)
    Sep 03, 2012
    by mirtle
  • Image
    That's awesome! Love this!
    Sep 03, 2012
  • Portrait
    FEATURED BY: MattConley (Community Director)
    DATE: 9.3.12
    This is a great visual contribution to the "same story, different ending" collaboration! Using this illustration as a foundation, how can the classic fairytale "The Princess and the Pea" be remixed?

    For more information on "The Princess and the Pea," go here:
    Sep 03, 2012
  • Image
    Hooray! It got featured! Congrats!
    Sep 03, 2012
  • Moustache
    'The Princess & The PEAllergy'

    Only a princess could have such delicate skin
    to feel a pea beneath a mattress twenty times in.

    Alas, Prince Charming found truth…
    A vicilin allergy belonged to her youth.

    And they lived happily ever after.

    (Vicilin is an allergy found in Peas. I think this would make for a cute tiny story. I tried to contribute artwork but I have no idea where it went when I contributed it! oops)
    Sep 03, 2012
    by tdlampi
  • Brennansweaterphant
    this is so rad!
    Sep 03, 2012
    by blbest
  • Sojushots-1461213
    thank you for the feature Matt :D and thanks all for the hearts n awesome comments :D
    Sep 03, 2012
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