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Welcome to hitRECord! 

Now that you've joined the site, there are lots of ways you can start collaborating with us!

For starters, you can check out these cool Collaborations we've compiled & start contributing your RECords to them right away:


You could also begin by checking out the "Featured RECords" & "Featured Collaborations" on the homepage, browsing through the hundreds of thousands of Video, Audio, Image, & Text RECords on the site, or uploading your own artwork & remixing other artists' RECords.


This introductory video also covers the following:

* How to upload your RECords

* How to remix other artists' RECords

* How to cite the resources you use in your remixes

* How to contribute your RECords to Collaborations

* A reminder that everything uploaded to hitRECord must be 100% original, or within the Public Domain since we can't upload anything to the site that violates copyright laws


If you ever have any questions about the site, you can contact Matt, your Community Director, at:


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