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kids vs monsters ideas
wirrow Released Aug 27, 2012

just wanted to focus the plot ideas/discussion in one place. i will add all new ideas under the plot points so please comment with:

- links to image records that will fit characters or plot points.

- new/expanded ideas for the story (just comment the idea if it's your own or link to your text record)

- ideas for the medium (newspaper cuttings, posters, post it notes etc..)



main points of plot:


1 - monster(s) appear in the town.

 • need ideas on how the monsters arrive.


2 - a kid sees them

• need main protaginist ideas/designs/character/name

• comment by mumbiworks: A seven year old girl, pretty but shy, is carrying a doll and teddy in one hand and a yellow case in her other. She walks across her front yard and trips over a bicycle that she should have seen. A shadow moves quickly, to the left of the bicycle, but she doesn't see.

She gets up, and looks blindly for the doll and teddy that she dropped. A bigger shadow crosses behind, to the left and infront of her, but she doesn't notice, for the little girl is shortsighted. All she sees is a blur of colours.

Her mother yells from the kitchen window "Put on your new glasses! That's what they're for!" The little girl sighs and looks for the bright yellow case, small but hard to miss. She fumbles with the case and takes out the ugliest, largest red glasses that you ever did see, and puts them on reluctantly. She screams when she sees the monster's grotesque shadow cross infront of her, across the yard and towards the street

3 - the kid tells parents but isn't believed


4 - more monsters appear. they start to build something in the town

  • 'the mother monster' by mushr 


5 - kid forms a group with other kids who can see the monsters


6 - no one else can see the monsters.


7 - the building gets bigger and bigger and attracts people to it

 • idea by MarieIV: "monsters start to build something in the town, so maybe they need some material to build this thing. And even though grown-ups can't see them, they can notice disappearance of some stuff from their homes. It better be one kind of material or maybe only paper, or nails, or yarn, so that it'd be noticeable. And we could create fake news reports about increase of cases of missing things. Not breaking news, because after all, grown ups do not even suspect how seriouse everything is. Just "strange case in local town". Something that people will forget the next day, but children will take into accout. It could take place on the early stages of invasion, before grown ups get zombifie"

8 - people are zombified/mindcontrolled in the monster's building


9 - maybe building is cathedralesque or factory-like

 • comment by JordanL: If we go with the factory base idea, maybe the monsters could put the grown ups onto conveyer belts and put them through zombifying machines. Like a monster factory assembly line.

10 - everyone (grown up) is attracted/addicted to this building; becomes cult-like

 idea by wirrow: maybe they try to force their kids to go too but the kids run away from home at this point and all live in the army base (point 14)


11 - rest of the town becomes a bit of a ghost town


12 - monsters are weary of the group of kids that 'know'


13 - kids have to disguise themselves as monsters to stay safe

'disguise' by elayne:


14 - kids form a sort of army-base/treehouse-hq where they hatch their plan

• idea by Hermit the Crab: "For the army-base/treehouse-hq I was thinking of an abandoned theater with an entrance hatch in the ticket booth and perhaps old costumes and props on hand for disguises..."


15 - maybe more than one hq different groups of kids (like theserpentthecharmer outlined in his ideas) 


16 - monsters are dispatched to attack the kids


17 - kids wear makeshift armour and weapons


18 - recruit other kids to join the resistance 


19 - (maybe one kid secretly meets and strikes a friendship with one 'kid' monster)

• 'i wanna be like you' by elayne: 

• 'big monsters' (telling kid monster off for hanging out with human kid maybe?) : by lola de toro


20 - kids endgame is to somehow make everyone aware of monsters and snap them out of it 

(possibility of some monsters being on kids side and helping them in the end)

ending ideas:

a) group(s) of kids make a resolution to armour up and go into the bulding, (where everyone else gets turned into zombies/mindcontrolled) and take it down from the inside. it ends with a sketched vision of how everything will work out fine (even though we don't know what actually happened because that's the end of the diary)

b) same as above but there is a final entry from the main character as a grown up, suddenly remembering everything he has forgotten from his childhood because once they entered the building they became like everyone else. maybe this grown up kid remembered somehow and compiled this scrapbook/journals together so he can send it to the other grown up kids and make them remember.

 • comment by Metaphorest: Maybe the adult in ending B could find the journal, and that's what triggers his memory. Maybe the kids buried it in a time capsule or something, to make sure they never forgot.

comment by JordanL : We could make one of the biggest, scariest monsters be a sympathetic character. Like maybe(...)he doesn't really want to do this, but he's afraid of the other monsters. Then he becomes a mole, passing them on information about the monster's plans or something. And then maybe in a big battle near the end, he finally joins them on the front lines, but he dies and the kids have to go it on their own 


order vs chaos

fantasy vs 'reality'

freedom vs enslavement

resistance vs power

david vs goliath

magic vs machine

childhood vs adulthood




dark/gritty but also funny/cute. 

i think the kids shouldn't be too scaredy but have a lot of attitude and be kinda funny a bit like south park (except a lot darker and less silly).

i think the monsters should be quite ominous and mysterious



journals, diaries, sketches, MAPS, letters, messages, newspaper cuttings, monster-research book cuttings, police reports, school reports, post it notes, ephemera. 

'monster fighting 101' handmade leaflet