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just wanted to focus the plot ideas/discussion in one place. i will add all new ideas under the plot points so please comment with:

- links to image records that will fit characters or plot points.

- new/expanded ideas for the story (just comment the idea if it's your own or link to your text record)

- ideas for the medium (newspaper cuttings, posters, post it notes etc..)



main points of plot:


1 - monster(s) appear in the town.

 • need ideas on how the monsters arrive.


2 - a kid sees them

• need main protaginist ideas/designs/character/name

• comment by mumbiworks: A seven year old girl, pretty but shy, is carrying a doll and teddy in one hand and a yellow case in her other. She walks across her front yard and trips over a bicycle that she should have seen. A shadow moves quickly, to the left...

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kids vs monsters ideas
wirrow Released Aug 27, 2012
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