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kids vs monsters ideas
wirrow Released Aug 27, 2012

just wanted to focus the plot ideas/discussion in one place. i will add all new ideas under the plot points so please comment with:

- links to image records that will fit characters or plot points.

- new/expanded ideas for the story (just comment the idea if it's your own or link to your text record)

- ideas for the medium (newspaper cuttings, posters, post it notes etc..)



main points of plot:


1 - monster(s) appear in the town.

 • need ideas on how the monsters arrive.


2 - a kid sees them

• need main protaginist ideas/designs/character/name

• comment by mumbiworks: A seven year old girl, pretty but shy, is carrying a doll and teddy in one hand and a yellow case in her other. She walks across her front yard and trips over a bicycle that she should have seen. A shadow moves quickly, to the left of the bicycle, but she doesn't see.

She gets up, and looks blindly for the doll and teddy that she dropped. A bigger shadow crosses behind, to the left and infront of her, but she doesn't notice, for the little girl is shortsighted. All she sees is a blur of colours.

Her mother yells from the kitchen window "Put on your new glasses! That's what they're for!" The little girl sighs and looks for the bright yellow case, small but hard to miss. She fumbles with the case and takes out the ugliest, largest red glasses that you ever did see, and puts them on reluctantly. She screams when she sees the monster's grotesque shadow cross infront of her, across the yard and towards the street

3 - the kid tells parents but isn't believed


4 - more monsters appear. they start to build something in the town


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