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(…with more vocals, drums, percussion and horns! More stuff starts at 1.12!)

It's really hard to believe how far this song has come from where it started. You guys have uploaded so many amazing contributions, I never could have imagined this song would grow up this big!

While listening this song (which I have done quite many times lately!) I remember again and again why I love hitRECord. It all starts from that simple piano, and in the end it's something huge. It's unbelievable how so many people from all around the world are able to work together and create something big like this. I guess I could say "thank you internet!" but all this couldn't happen on any other website. So I say THANK YOU hitRECord!!!

I don't know if this is all done yet (when something is uploaded on hitRECord it’s never all done, anything can happen! And we’re still missing the tuba for example! :D), but I won't have that much time to work with this in a while so I thought I'd show you guys what we've got so far! Please, feel free to say what you think, does it need something more or something less, contribute your stuff and make your mix! And of course this is (obviously) just a rough mix! :)

I've listed all the resources, everything you hear on this track you can find from there (please let me know if I forgot to add someone!) I couldn’t possibly make every contribution fit into this mix, but I truly appreciate every single one of them, and I’m really thankful to everyone who spent their time on this!

"so here's to you this one last time"... THANK YOU! <3

p.s. that one final "so" at 3.26… the harmony… ahhh…

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