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Present. I thought.
halfreal Released Aug 09, 2012

- Hey, where are you?

- At Jake's party, of course. Where are you?

- At Jake's party. With, like, twelve other people. And guess what? You're not one of them.

- Very funny. Where are you?

- I'm at the party. Stop fooling me. Why aren't you here?

- I am. In the living room, with everybody else.

- Fine. Then tell me, what is Jake wearing?

- Jeans, of course. And that weird blue T-shirt from that   church event he'd never go to.

- ...

- So?

- He just put that on.

- I know. I saw it. What the fuck...?

- Ok. This is... weird... Ok. Let me just talk to Jake.

- Ok.

- ...

- ...

- Uhm... Can you do me a favor?

- Sure.

- Can you just talk to Jake? Ask him... if I'm here?

- ... Ok.

- ...

- I'm not sure what's going on. He's ignoring me.

- Holy shit. Me too.

- What the hell is going on?

- I have no idea. Say, did you talk to anyone before you called?

- Yeah. All normal.

- Same here. What just happened?!

- I don't know, man. I don't care. I'm going home now. I'm going home.

- Home was last week. This is now. Let's be rational.

- Rational? RATIONAL?! I am HERE, man. I AM HERE!