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I've been meaning to do this since I saw the Taxidermy Collab and finally found the time. 

Now I think this would sound really cool if there were three different voices in it. So I'll upload the script I wrote and maybe everyone can try doing some voice overs for this. 

Also There needs to be a really great looking title card that says "The Taxidermy Tales" on it to show at the beginning and the end of this video. The one I did looks terrible so graphic designers could have a go at that. 

And finally if you don't like this script or want to change it a little then you could rewrite my script or do a whole new one. There's a ton of different animals to use as characters so it's pretty easy to come up with stories and characters. Also since there's no movement with the pictures it's relatively easy to whip out a video like this on Final Cut or whatever video editing software you use. 

So those are just some ideas I have to continue on with this project. 

Hope you enjoyed my little video.



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