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Unicorn?  Did y'all say somethin' 'bout a unicorn? 

Lemme tell ya, I was 17 when I saw my first unicorn.  Well… first and last, I should say. 

I saw it through the scope of my rifle, and I didn't even register the silver horn peakin' out its goddamn silver mane till after that there silver blood started gushin'.  Yep, caught a lotta flack for that one - ya know, seein's how it was the last one 'en all. 

Still don't really get what all the huff was about neither… monochromatic motherfucker.  A goddamn borin' thang if you ask me! 

'Course, nobody really said nuthin' to me 'bout it… I reckon they's too busy reelin' over 'the death of magic,' or some such nonsense.  Death of magic?  Sheeit, I seen people drive cars that park themselves!  And parallel park no less.  Now that's magic!

Psh… death of...

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