by wirrow
just added some random melody to it..
i wanted to play this on piano but its too loud for 4am so i went guitar/headphones route
  • P5080002
    First record I heard on here. Still listening to this track most days. Can't get enough! :-) http://hitrecord.org/records/149269
    by Mondo
  • Gweninterrupted-875702
    Wirrow- this is a really pretty mix. <3

  • Al-icon
    this is awesome.
    you should play it on piano sometime when it's not 4am?
    i heart piano & bet this would be really nice with it's sound :)
  • Am
    real damn lovely
  • Hellolindsayyyyyy-1584576
    How did I miss this?
    This is eerily beautiful.
  • Portrait
    I just gave this a solid listen without any distractions whatsoever. There are moments in this of absolute beauty.
  • Profile
    This is so very soothing, almost hypnotizing :)
  • L_fe3f1e77282a44ccbd4a32397071e857
    Do you think you could post just your guitar part? I would really love to work with it
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