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    I just googled her work, shes awesome!! so dark and creepy! thank you for the reference!
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    This reminds me of the work of Francesca Woodman. Nothing in particular she did, just that it's in that vein. Which I mean as a very, very high compliment. I love this!
  • Missamerica-1644486
    That's amazing!!
  • Lydiasaskia-1462056
    thanks liz! glad you like it! xxx
  • Lydiasaskia-1462056
    thanks for the hearts xx
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    date: 8th jan 2013

    one of those magic effects like in old movies.. not quite sure how it was done but it was done very lo-fi and yet creates such illusory enchantment. there's so many things that could be happening here. kinda looks like ice.. or maybe someone tearing through a parallel dimension.. i think it's a great inspiration for writers.
    by wirrow
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  • Lydiasaskia-1462056
    awww yey! thank you for featuring this wirrow! <3 thank you for the hearties! xxx
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