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Dr. Gory Released Jun 27, 2012

This is an edit of wirrow's Give Me All The Flickering Lights.  I originally thought the whole video should be one large flickering light but quickly learned that this poem is about a lot more. Or maybe it isn't...? 

wirrow - I sincerely appreciate these words. thank you for sharing them. 

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  • Sigi-1814824
    so great :-) love your videos
    Jan 30, 2015
    by Sigi
  • Dreadiness2
    I love a lot of your stuff on this site!

    I feel like you would be able to add much to both of my collaborations I recently came up with.

    check them out.

    this one is about living a 'double life' :

    this one is about 'Loss' :

    -found feathers-
    Sep 23, 2014
  • 134920503_e1877b7e0d
    Dr. Gory, this is beautiful! I really love the pace of the edit. I feel like you created your own rhythm with it, which juxtaposed so well against the more even rhythm of wirrow's reading. Gorgeous!
    Jun 27, 2012
  • Photo
    Am with Rainey, great pacing <3
    Jun 27, 2012
  • Williamb_w
    Got "Tree of Life" goosebumpy vibes off of this...
    Excellent piece Dr. Gory!
    Jun 27, 2012
  • Screen_shot_2013-09-13_at_10.49.33_am
    thank you so much guys!

    fraeulin and themetafictionist - you both are too kind. thank you very much for the words.
    Jun 27, 2012
  • Screen_shot_2013-09-13_at_10.49.33_am
    WilliamG_Music - that is a pretty damn flattering statement - thank you - I'll take it!
    Jun 27, 2012
  • Propic
    Love this edit! It's like I'm hearing these words for the first time and taking away from them something new. I love it when that happens. :o)
    Jun 27, 2012
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