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qna with joe
kouralilly Released Jun 08, 2012

the second day of shooting for us background actors, joe was super-awesome…despite it being in the middle of the night after a long week of shooting, he took some time to talk to us about working in the industry, answer questions, etc.

unfortunately, tired as i was, i didn’t think to record it until right after he started, so i missed the beginning.  and as it was recorded on a blackberry from the back of the room, it is pretty poor audio quality.  he also went over a bit of the plot and premise of the movie in the middle, which he asked us not to release…so, as i unfortunately do not have access to protools or even avid where i am right now, i can’t fix it or cut it into postable bits.  though as soon as i can, if i can, i will!

for now, i did want to post at least a transcription of some of the qna, as it was really good advice and insight, and should be made available for everyone!

so for now, here is most of it:

Q – [didn’t record – from what i remember was something along the lines of what it took to produce a movie?]


[started recording in the middle of his answer…from what i remember, he was talking about working within a budget and production limitations]

…Even a guy like, you know, Chris Nolan, he’s very productorial, very like, on his shit, with the logistics of time and money and things like that.  Even he with the biggest funding that the industry has to offer is limited in what he can do and is bound by the logistical matters.  And so it’s not the most fun answer but its actually a big part of it.

Q - How is it Acting and Directing in your own piece?  How do you...

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