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the second day of shooting for us background actors, joe was super-awesome…despite it being in the middle of the night after a long week of shooting, he took some time to talk to us about working in the industry, answer questions, etc.

unfortunately, tired as i was, i didn’t think to record it until right after he started, so i missed the beginning.  and as it was recorded on a blackberry from the back of the room, it is pretty poor audio quality.  he also went over a bit of the plot and premise of the movie in the middle, which he asked us not to release…so, as i unfortunately do not have access to protools or even avid where i am right now, i can’t fix it or cut it into postable bits.  though as soon as i can, if i can, i will!

for now, i did want to post at least a transcription of some...

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qna with joe
kouralilly Released Jun 08, 2012
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