I'm so proud of the beautiful "Little Red Riding Hood Redux" book we created together for our inaugural issue of The hitRECorderly! I really love when the stuff we work on as a community becomes a physical record.


VISUAL ARTISTS: Our Summer Collection is gonna be less hitRECord-branded as we shift our focus from who we are to WHAT WE MAKE. We're also gonna focus the apparel styles more toward women.


SINGERS, RAPPERS, & DJs: Come make a hook or chorus for the new remix of the hip-hop track "For Mallory" we're producing. This new mix we're gonna make together is gonna be sick so come work with us on it!


Thanks Again!





FCP by MattConley

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    i looove watching regularities ^_^
    by Toss
  • Fashiongirl
    will this collection include dresses, or just tops?
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    Hi bellarts, we are not opposed to the idea of dresses but producing them is not likely practical at the time. Designs for all styles of apparel are always encouraged however. :)
  • Fashiongirl
    matt, thanks for answering my question. good to know.
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    For the chorus of "For Mallory", would background female vocals be appropriate there?
    by emc803
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    RE: focus the apparel styles more toward women

    I would love to contribute my talents in women's fashion to help with this. I create women's wear from avante garde to ready to wear and everything in between.

    Thanks! Bri Seeley
  • Fashiongirl
    @briseeley, just checked out your website. love your clothes. i was reading what's trendy for summer, and it's including bold prints, neon, 50's and 60's inspired clothing. Bri are you on etsy?
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    emc803: Background vocals would be great! Just be sure to upload a version with your isolated vocal stems so the community can remix them. Thanks!
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