Time Lapse Carousel
SFBakstad Released May 04, 2010
This is the Merry-Go-Round at Pier 39 @ Fisherman's Wharf in SF.
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  • Scan0047
    ooooh, do you know the carousel in golden gate park? the one with all the exotic creatures? i'd LOVE to see that one close-up, running slow and dreamy-like....if you ever have the inclination!

    i am in love with your timelapses, btw....would love to learn how to do it with my little G9, if such a thing is even possible....
    May 04, 2010
    by via
  • Img_1968
    Eeep! I know exactly what I'm going to do with this as soon as I've got the time!

    It doesn't hurt that I'm a big Fisherman's Wharf/Carousel/Bubba Gump fan!!
    May 04, 2010
  • Full_moon_over_shay_s_head
    @Light.Spark.Flame - I can't wait to see what you do with this. Actually, I can't wait to see your next RECord period!!!!

    @via - yes, I do know that carousel at GGP. I really want to do an up close TL of a carousel at around dusk....I think it would be dreamy; especially with the lights. Stay tuned! Oh, and do you have a tripod to hook up your little G9 to?
    May 04, 2010
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