Look what I just got my hands on --- the very first issue of The hitRECorderly, our brand new subscription series!

"Little Red Riding Hood Redux" is our inaugural issue and I'm really proud of this gorgeous full-color book the hitRECord community and I have created together. I really love when the stuff we work on together becomes a physical record.

This book we made is based on an adaptation I did of the original Brothers Grimm fairytale (which is sexist as all fuckin hell!) Our version's got a different take on the story and we've packed this book with feminist essays and various reactions to the new tale.

I loved JulesKD's "But What If I Want To Be Eaten?" record so much I just had to do a little reading of it in this here video. :o)


You gotta hurry and order your copy as these are a limited edition run of 2,000 so get it while the getting's good!

Single copies are available in The RECord Store for $20, but you'll save cash by subscribing to The hitRECorderly and you'll get a new issue every season! 

You can subscribe here: http://www.hitrecord.org/store/recorderly.html


Thanks Again!



FCP by Dr. Gory

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    Dmn nice one! as always awesome acting! *w*
    Nov 08, 2014
    by LeChaos
  • Screen_shot_2013-04-10_at_9.59.53_pm
    I need this book!
    Mar 23, 2014
  • Img00289-20120304-2337
    Hey, im new here, i just upload a song... i made it just for this site, hope you like it. Saludos desde Puebla, México!
    May 25, 2013
  • Hr_icons_226x226_user
    not allowed to break tech diet. Not broken ice cream cone. stronger in all the broken places. Hemingway et al. friends with sparklychiD. Opposite of introvert. blue prints from 7th floor include exactly how he did it using neurobiological, neuroplastic program. I'm scaffolded to understand them. All we need is Dr. Amen, Joe D, Stanford Neuro dept.

    Did she change her hair?

    Is it no longer the truest truest her? I'm not allowed to look her up. It upsets me too much. Pulls me onto the grid for hours...that's how much he still loves her...and you. It's like a mesh bag around my heart. subtle, but firm and strong and unwavering.

    Apologies that it took so long. The thing that happened in the shower the other day was only part of the lemon yellow hue that works with the blue. You'll be on your way once you stop trying to walk in his shoes. He's not you, and doesn't want to be. He is free. just needed someone to hear the CHI...the POI.

    Such a mind! such a beautiful mind. Such incredible energy and love layered upon love upon love. There are no accidents. It wasn't an acciDent. You're the stronger swimmer. He needs your singing and Dancing. dANcing. hearthesign. HEARThesign HEARthesign.

    It's not about clues, or lights in your shoes or crying or laughing or all the blue blue hues. It's about the fact that this isn't it. It's simply where we go to learn all the shit. It's an illusion, a grid, marked out by blue kids (not to be confused with that Noah...who is also a wonderful buffer foahshuah).

    Your eyebrows have faith, they trust more each day...just open the door, so D can come play. He sits beside you as he always has, ice cream in hand, scoop for your highness. It's a V for Victory. a V for reVolution, but more importantly

    it's a V for LOvE.

    A loVe you don't know, for you've been oh so slow, to open the door to the cellar floor. You were never a prick, just a kiD with a lid on that heart that loves with all that it can give. Something like that MUST have safeguarDs, the one with the coDe being the only one to open it.

    That coDe is a key. the coDe is a poem. It's a song, it's a Dance - it's rainbow poi. YOU may be the stronger swimmer - but I can assure you that D is the WINNER!

    please tell my love, sweet, sweet teafaerieasuaurus that my cup runneth over when I hear that adorable voice of hers. Her love fills my heart until it hurts with joy...I can't explain it...why would I?

    Because Of dAN...I have a home, and wings with which to lanD, on a new eARTh, the kind built with loVe...and watermelon patches next to moonflowers.

    He's with Ted GeisLopotomouses which is why I have my own language. I can teach you how to speak if, if you agree to have a BBQ (where we will have marshmallows to roast over a fire and you'll tell me YOUR stories of d, and I'll compare them to mine).

    Content to look craZy to those who don't know...he's Delighted that I finally got the rest of the show. Yes we dance, but I also build the center, Yes we sing, but you also make lots more films. Your "Harold and Maude" is just as influential. I already have the screenplay that you write in the future. "Yes" to the questions that make you feel happy, and don't worry about the rest, as Einstein says, "it's just dETAILS."

    I hope that you're not eXpecting someone really smart - cause this shit ain't mine (Sorry guys, for swearing). These are bursts of theta waves carrying on flights of angels...dAN, not content to sit and twiddle thumbs, as usual, found a way. His fire is my light, his warmth keeps me calm, his brilliant brilliant mind already DiD all of our work. He wants you to stop working and remember how he was before he found the light of fire to SPIN for all the world.

    Violence and mayhem and tornadoes and death is all a part of law of resonance, acting on behalf of those bereft. It's simple science, and I just got your tweet...

    good timing, good idea...tweet as him so you can be more clear.

    The me that you will meet is a clumsy, bumbling ARTist. a strange little creature who still doesn't understand gravity. I'm excited to start this next part, once you learn to unclench a little (yes, that's a butt reference, but only the actual hole).

    Let your eyebrows float like oars, let your past be your prologue, let your brain SOAR. lessig is our bestie in the future, so there's that - and rian will forgive me when he sees his screenplay that he hasn't written yet.

    D is always all about the LOVE, so this is no different - I don't just love you and hitRECord, I love each and eVery member!!

    hugs and sparklyChi,
    the other half of your guava bon
    1958 and beyond!
    May 21, 2013
  • Murker1
    Wow...almost speechless, thanks for your heart Joe and, of course, for every amazing thing you do!
    May 07, 2013
    by Murker
  • Photo_on_2010-10-16_at_16.53
    You rock and thank you for doing what you love.
    Apr 28, 2013
  • Kimg_0588
    oe, fabulous!
    Hope you can listen to my original songs sometime :)


    ps your georgous
    Apr 28, 2013
  • Kimg_0588
    Hey Joe have a listen to my song
    New York city if you like
    10 things I hate about you is a fav of mine
    you where great in looper and batman too!
    Apr 26, 2013
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