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No one understands the pain of a lonely night

No one understands that girl's plight

Of woe and anguish

Laying in her bed with a stolen knife

Reading a self-help pamphlet, crying away life

No one understands that girl's pain

Or the crimson stained blade

She had a dragon needing to be slain

A dragon of depression

A dragon of loneliness

But those forty minutes of dueling

Caused her nothing but shame

No one seems to comprehend

That a storm visits her every night

Wrecking her sanity

That girl trys

Oh how she trys

To fight it on her own

So of course she took that knife

Of course she was laughing whilst crying

The freedom was shortlived

The storm slunk back

No one understands

Not the doctors throwing meds around

Not her mom

Not her friends

She doesn't resort to knifes anymore

But every now and again

When the shiny white...

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