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Two By The Sea
PickyFilmsLtd Released May 09, 2012

An indepdendent filmaker from the UK working on 'Two By The Sea'

Anyone have any better ideas for the poster then feel free to give it a shot. Below is the logline and synopsis to help you along the way.

Warmest Thanks



HERE is an emotional drama that follows a dying man over five days and a stranger, who just happens to be The Grim Reaper, in an original and one off road trip movie. With its fantastical dream sequences this is Mike Leigh, Ken Loach and Terry Gilliam meets Withnail & I in a timeless story.


Two By The Sea is the story of Lee, a widower. Lee’s wife committed suicide following the accidental death of their children, three years previously. Twelve months later and Lee is dying. Convinced of his broken heart, Lee decides to stop taking his medication. He will travel to the place where he lost his family, to spend his final days. Whilst preparing to leave, he is visited by ‘The Grim Reaper’ who has come for his soul; one week early! This unearthly clerical error leaves Lee with exactly one week to make his peace and “Death” forced to embark on the strangest buddy road trip ever. Holidays have never looked so “Grim”. In one man’s final moments, life and death will learn they have a lot more in common than anyone has ever imagined.