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Here it is, a grand tiny love song mashup made of 11 different great tiny stories! This time I can proudly say that I think the lyrics are awesome... I had to remix the stories so they fit the song, some more than others, but you can find all of them from the resources! 

Enjoy <3


Have you heard about the right shoe
who left knowing the left shoe was right? (Joab Nevo, The Right Shoe)

Or about the jealous stars who sometimes
cut the power of the city lights? (ubespidermonkey, Jealous Stars)

I know when you asked my hand
I just gave you the finger (Joab Nevo, The Proposal)

And that all of your letters came back
saying "return to sender" (MattConley, Return To Sender)


I didn't know where I stood with you
But I knew it was very far away (emilynava, Where I stand) 

I got tired of being tired of being tired of being
So tired of being tired of being tired of being (Marke, Tired)

But your kisses are snowflakes, each one is unique
Oh how they used to land on me'
Before they melt away and left me cold (blunderandfrightering, Snowflakes.)

Now I'm standing here under this umbrella
And I can do an accapella
And when it pours this song is always yours (KarlaMarie, When it rains)


Can't you see I needed some time away
to remember why I stay (eaneikciv, stay away)

So couldn't we just hibernate?
Oh baby please let's hibernate.
Oh come on babe let's hibernate
Come on babe let's hibernate (mirtle, hibernate)


'Cause the world ain't made of atoms
it's made of tiny stories (wirrow [I con't know if this is anywhere as a record...])

And this one is ours so baby won't you stay!


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