Little Foxes
Metaphorest Released ago

Wirrow's foxy illustration reminded me of a song I wrote so I thought I'd share. xx  

Little foxes lead the way

Trust their instincts

They know the way the land lays

Little insects, underfoot, are maimed

That’s the law of all things

Things change

There’s a code that we don’t know at play

In the spaces between things and in things

In every night every day


Do you feel it, hear it ring?

Little foxes know everything

Do you believe it? Breathe it in

Little foxes know everything

Do you believe it

Even in your skin

You’re a part of it all

A part of it all

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  • Self_portrait
    Can't believe I only heard this today. This is amazing
  • Full_moon_over_shay_s_head
    You're #1 :-)
  • Img_7531
    Sarah! This song is incredible!
    by Tiddles
  • Weaverboquist-1535106
    Thanks for the hearts btw :)
  • Weaverboquist-1535106
    Beautiful song! I really like your voice and the harmonies you layered in here. Especially love the way the little foxes know everything" line lands! Love the finger picking guitar too
    If you're interested I'd love to have you sing harmony (and maybe some instrumentation) on this song I wrote
  • Cen3petal-1556755
    where can i find stems if i can at all?
  • Cen3petal-1556755
    wonderful! <3
  • Img_0051smaller
    I've been recording myself a lot lately. This sounds like a lot of beautiful layering of vocals. I just downloaded this to see what I could possibly add to it. Its a lovely song in itself but I really wanna have some fun with this one.
    by sasa111
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