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Law cases
unknown user Released Apr 29, 2012

1. A seven year old boy just grew on his new arm after it was chewed on by a canine (dog) in New York then in North Carolina it was broked by a rogue bystander (a highly paid Caucasian from its normal African American status, made white to play with us).

2. Possible incest with a guy called Joe.

3. Illegal copyright infringement, I copied them, I was inspired by them.

4. Corporate consumerist dilemma.

5. Public schools' high school diploma rewarded to junior high schooler before Quincinera.

They just got their associates' degrees last year in 2011 to reward themselves for completing the first half of their college careers! It should be worth as much as the feeling as I get when I touch my high school diploma from junior high. A lot to me.