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The One That Got Away
Mrs.Tibbs23 Released Apr 27, 2012

Darkness angel are you the one?  My final fantasies left to be crumbled within. I carry a secret it's really our secret. I will keep it till the bitter end. Will you?

Your the one. The one that got away. Hand of sorrow lies within temptation. All I need are memories to stand my ground. 

Bring me to life while your lips are still red with emotion. Once apon a time, a mixture of cigarette smoke and Victoria Secrets' It's Sexy Cologn for Men swam over me. Don't wait up cuz I'm on the run!

I thought I won the lottery with you. Turns out it was all in my head.

Mother Nature what have you done? Bye bye beautuful. My immortal heart howling in the wind.

I have no remorse. Regrets are filled with toxic waste. I smell the leftovers of your cologne on what once was your pillow. A smell I shall miss irrevocably. Reality turns into fantasy within the hour.

It's one A.M. It's been two weeks since he's been gone. He's the one that got away. He got away just as it began. Once upon a time I was wrapped around his embrace. 

I'm lying in bed under a dark palate of a violet moon sky. It gadually turns to the weeping hour. I'm trying my hardest not to dream of you again. Plans fail. They always do. The waiting hour of the night has begun. I know mercy waits for no man. 

Words fail. They always do. And yet everythign happens for a reason. It's done. It's over with. At one point I was sorry for the way it ended this way. Now I'm glad because I realized it was me who was the one that got awa from you. 

It's one AM. Two months has passed.  I realized, I don't miss you at all.