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This one night I was sleeping lying asleep in my bed of softness, with my sheets made of satan. They were so soft like my body. An owl or something was hooting out my window b/c all animals love me.

Then a shadow came through my window.

I was scared at first b/c wtf.

The shadow slowly took on a form… .the form of a HUMAN. It was a man and he was naked save for a scarf which he was wearing in that way where you double it up and then put the two ends through the loop. (Because that hot when boys do that LOL!)

he had on black chipped nail polish. And eyeliner. He padded softly on his bear feet over to my bed.

I said Who are you what do you want?????

He said…….I want only you my beauty.


(Hang on I have to make up more. Hang on! BRB!)


He was like,

You are...

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