full of no dreams
calliope Released Apr 23, 2012

Let me sell my soul

To the devil I don’t know

For a pocket full of silver

I will go, I will go

Let me send my love

To the waters I hear roar

For an ocean full of sorrows

I have more, I have more

Let me give my heart

To the man I cannot have

For a night full of music

I could laugh, I could laugh

Let me say my peace

To the ghost I will not find

For a bed full of no dreams

I have pined, I have pined

Let me take my mind

To the land I used to till

For a breath full of that air

I would kill, I would kill

But only with kindness.

Only with mirth.

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  • Img_0030
    You were gone for quite some time. Welcome back. I've just had a little binge on your lovely words. I think yours were some of the first ones I ever read when I arrived here. <3
    Jul 16, 2012
  • Calliope-1827140

    Thanks so much!  My hitRECord activity has been off-and-on since I joined - sometimes other parts of my life take over.  But I always seem to find my way back.

    Jul 18, 2012
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