This is taken over Clearlake in Northern California. I loved how a third of the way in the sky looks like its on fire.
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    i love this.... I'm looking for more time lapse sunrises. Do you more. Maybe where the sun breaks thru through the clouds and shines brightly? Either Way, Great Vid!
  • Jestferlaffs-1584442
    SF this is so incredibly beautiful, the colour explosion is spectacular!
  • Full_moon_over_shay_s_head
    Thanks oceanfreethinker & Jestferlaffs! I was really happy with how this turned out. Most of the time I can't tell how my tl's turn out until I render them!
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    This is spectacular!!!!!
  • Pig-small
    Awesomely cool
    by cerebis
  • Al-icon
    i absolutely adore this.
    it's like the sky is telling an emotional story.
    it's just lovely!
  • Scan0047
    hey! this is about an hour from where i live. taken off 20?
    by via
  • Full_moon_over_shay_s_head
    @via - Yes, this is taken right above the Konocti Harbor Resort...do you know it?
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