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Jacob the Creator
MessyJessie Released Apr 13, 2012

Jacob the Creator

Jacob is a frail boy.

He spends his time dreaming for others. Sometimes he wonders what Dalluka the Dream Catcher sees in other’s broken dreams. He sees no glamour in them, no glamour in her. He wonders if maybe he doesn’t see something. And he feels like maybe, he’s missing out on something special.

Once,  Jacob had a dream.  He dreamed of peace, and of love. But everyone told him he dreamt to large. And they cast him down. And now he doesn’t dare to dream.

He took up the tireless task of dreaming for others. But sometimes, on special occasions, he allows himself a dream. And it seems the only dreams he can muster for himself, end up in Dalluka’s striped net. He watches her match his dreams with other’s forgotten ones, and wonders how she does it.

And he hopes that one day, he can meet a girl like her. Someone to dream for him.

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