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The fragile excess of the mind and body hovering beyond itself; the ornamentation of expression reaching for the visceral root of itself; the tenuous, ineffable, invisible thread that sews connection among inward beings; Art—is first to go when nations and states are threatened by war, bankruptcy, rebellion, or scarcity of resources. Yet when a people truly begin to diminish (like the many tribes and languages now on the verge of extinction in the world), it is Art they embrace as the last vestige of their collective memory. Their crafts, paintings, ritual dance forms, oral histories, lore, mythologies, music, poetry, explorations, records of the human heart—what were, in isolated circumstances, once perceived as inutile luxuries—become in retrospect the vital essences, and now entrails,...

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(H)art of Nations
Raj Oberon Released Apr 10, 2012