Nope Released Apr 09, 2012
_ Hullo. I come in!
_ No you don't I've got home-works to do.
_ It's just for a minute. So i want you to tell me, which underwear should I wear for my date? This one, red and glorious, or the simply black?
_ I don't care. I'm working.
_ Oh I know! It not easy to choose when not put on.
_ Hey! Don't undress in my room. Why wouldn't you ask our other roommate? I try to work.
_ Oh but you can do it whilst I change clothes, you just would have to look up when I am ready.
_ Go out. I can't work with you in here.
_ Uh? Why?
_ Because I can't think straight when you're around!!
_ ...
_ ... Never Mind.
_ ...
_ Hey ! What are you doing? Nononononono: you do not close this do...Hmf.
I assume this 'pun' have been used very often before. But i like it. ^^