"So you're saying that you don't love me anymore?"


"No. I'm saying that I never loved you to begin with."


"So these past two years have been a complete lie?"


"No because I definitely thought I was in love with you for the first year and a half. But yeah I'd say that the last six months were kind of a lie and I was basically just trying to avoid this very argument that we're having right now." 


"I can't believe I just wasted all of this time with you."


"Hey let's not get out of line here. Just because this is ending like this it doesn't mean that I didn't have a great time with you and didn't learn a lot about myself and life in general."


"Well I'm glad because I've honestly had the best two years of my life with you." 


"That's so cool. I'm really happy for you and I'm glad that I impacted your life like that but I just can't say the same for you. I mean there was definitely some good times had but there has always been something missing and I need to go out and find what that is."


"You know, it really sucks when you finally find the person that you know you want to spend the rest of your life with and they want nothing to do with you." 

I never loved you
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