Final (?) version!

Added a few parts and made a few other minor changes.

Video editors: if you line the beginning of Day Glo's reading up with the beginning of this file, it should sync up perfectly :)


Violin 1: musicinyourhead, poodlegoose, raquelpspinto, megancarnes

Violin 2: Dianna Petyk (recorded by lidan), musicinyourhead, poodlegoose, megancarnes

Viola: kittypimms, poodlegoose

Cello & Double bass synths: megancarnes

Horns: FrenchHornOne and ruthiebisek (recorded by megancarnes)

Trombone: librarygirl 6

Tuba: ashlaaa

Flute: yes-you-am

Clarinet: EvanFazio (recorded by megancarnes)

Piano: megancarnes

Glock synth: megancarnes

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  • New_icon_small
    A+++ consistent good work etc
    Apr 06, 2012
    by lidan
  • Wholesomefun03
    Fantastic work by all concerned! i'd love it if you would also contribute it to the Background Music collaboration.
    Apr 06, 2012
    by artanon
  • Missamerica-1644486
    Brilliant! <3
    Apr 07, 2012
  • Snapshot_20111202_7
    This is wonderful! <3
    Apr 07, 2012
  • Megancarnes-1820001
    Ahhhh thank you thank you. You're all too kind, really.
    Apr 07, 2012
  • Megancarnes-1820001
    thank you everyone! c:
    Apr 10, 2012
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