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One form an album I've been writing. I think I'd love someone to find more from it. Collaborations are encouraged.


Verse 1

I am known as a child of a man, Learnt to drive at the front of a bus, I cannot see what others can, Never quite learnt how to cuss, Verse 2

Still I find the little things, Hidden flower-filled balloons, Fables lined with cats and kings, Innocence in old cartoons,


I am J. M. Barrie's evolutionary son, Never will they see me act my age, It's hard enough to know someone who's page I know I'm on, It's worse to know that you just lost the page,

Verse 3

I am known as a gentleman, Taught to act with courtesy, The one's who stole the girl Roxanne, Have found a way of hurting me, Verse 4

I write my words in ways my own, Without the insincerity, Many hours I spend alone, Ensure my light insanity, Chorus x 2

You'll find the STEMS in the RESULTS section below. Go crazy, sorry I took so long to show the lyrics/stems. The rhythms have been perfected now, so no annoying out of sync drums.

FEATURED BY: Pamagotchi (Audio Curator)
DATE: 11th January 2013
COMMENTS: Gorgeous song, great vocals (a hint of Bon Iver about the chorus multi-voice effect and harmonies) and really great lyrics. I'm curious; how could we remix this song and develop it further? Metaphorest added great harmonies to this, and marcellepallais sang along. Maybe we could get more voices on the choruses?

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