Beat the Devil
xanlee Released Apr 03, 2012

My liver is swimming in a pool on the floor,

My body is here but my heart's out the door,

I'm broken to bits, a high-piled mess,

I don't want the devil to have his way anymore,

I take the first step, though it's more of a crawl,

I'm finally resisting staying down when I fall,

I can't help but laugh at the state I am in,

I never should have listened to the devil's sweet call,

My breathing gets lighter as I begin to strip,

Getting rid of these suffocating clothes' tight grip,

Walk straight out the door and down on the dock,

I lift up my flask for one last sympathetic sip,

Staring at the lake, such a glorious shine,

I'm losing the heartache, I'm taking what's mine,

No more room for wounds, pity, fear or regret,

I'm taking my current condition as a sign,

With one last glance at the sun on the rise

I let down my hair and cut loose all my ties,

I'm beating the devil at his twisted game,

I'll no longer pay mind to those enticing lies,

The water is cold yet the shivers do soothe,

Washing away all the sins of my youth,

With every dive I'm revived and restored,

In this hollow world I will still find some truth,

I exit the water and shake off the lies,

My malnourished heart stares into the devils sad eyes,

Mourning for me as he loses his grip,

I can't help but smile as the devil, he cries,

See, I was a sinner and my sin was my pain,

I invited pity and took courage in vain,

Now my demons are the ones lying on the floor,

My soul is renewed and my devil's been slain. 

  • J
    Beautiful <3
    Apr 03, 2012
  • 1898053_10201539111028270_1447892418_n
    Thanks so much barush, KarlaMarie, Joab, Saintmaker, AnGee and Diane! Joab, thank you for the sweet compliment <3
    Apr 03, 2012
    by xanlee
  • Sinnamin-1349608
    Really good xanlee, your work always amazes me.
    Apr 04, 2012
  • 1898053_10201539111028270_1447892418_n
    Thank you, andrew! Your incredible compliment is making me blush! I'm honored that you enjoy my work. Thank you and ruffedges for the hearts, as well <33
    Apr 04, 2012
    by xanlee
  • 10271620_10202828111601433_5095051077231446289_n
    wow, great! I can totally see this animated, or in form of a song or a rap... very powerful text! :)
    Apr 04, 2012
  • 1898053_10201539111028270_1447892418_n
    Thank you, ppeppina! Your words are so encouraging, I'm so happy you like it! I would love for someone to animate this or make it a song. Thank you, Rebelle and supriyaheart for the hearts!
    Apr 04, 2012
    by xanlee
  • Vedder5
    I just love how you write, Xan. Each line pouring into the next, each stanza begging for another, visualizations filtering into my mind and settling in my eyes...just fantastic. =)
    Apr 04, 2012
    by Vedder
  • 1898053_10201539111028270_1447892418_n
    Wow, Vedder that is a huge compliment. I'm honored to receive such compliments from a writer who I adore so much! Thank you, thank you! Thank you, AeB and Mary for the hearts <333
    Apr 04, 2012
    by xanlee
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