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Menstruation <3
6strung Released Mar 30, 2012

*Legend: the most important points/body paragraph's are starred.


Ok so I have been thinking about an important sexual feminine theme for LRRH ever since I had that crazy-terrible-grammar-misuse-of-words debate the other day with my girlfriends that I made and put on hitRECord...and this might be a little out there and might sound crazy..but what was punching my brain about the feminist meaning of LRRH... is a girl getting her Period . THAT is a girl becoming a woman and the ultimate foundation of her sexuality . 

Oh god that experience, ya'll hear me ladies........-_________- I was more freaked out that I couldn't control something of my body that excreted this liquid that keeps me alive, without my permission..oh, and it had to be BRIGHT FUCKING RED . Like, it's not standing out enough Mother Nature. That day I knew, this bitch had a sense of humor .

AND THEN, girls BRAG about it like they're better than everyone else or something if they got their period first before everyone else in their age group! Like it's some determining factor indicating that you're more mature than anyone else in your age group and thus, are more powerful and worth more. (It's human nature to be power hungry, I get it). Congratulations, you will beat ALL OF US to menopause :] What’s better than young, pure, liquid blood? Clearly solid, dried up blood clots. 1 up for you sista. I am so happy that you laid your first dead egg in primary school . 

Similar to LRRH, a girl’s period is like a repetitive female...

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