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ravens head 2 x 5
marcellepallais Released Mar 27, 2012

So using some feedback I got from Raven's Head from a few Hitrecorders, I reshot some footage. I also took into account rawmotions raven's perch, and tried to do my hair like he did the badass raven animation, in case he wanted. 

Thought it would be cool to have a character slowly changing into a Raven.

This upload Is just to show what the zip files are and is an .mp4 MQ. I will be doing my own cut in the same respect as Raven's Head, but maybe a few tweeks. Key Framing is a bitch, and it might take me a few days, but I wanted this up as a resource for the Hitrecorders that expressed interest in remixing and to encourage others to remix and also maybe others can shoot their own footage....

I'm labeling these clips A B C D E going from left to right. Uploading the Zipped raw files shortly after this.

on E, i just drew on myself. I was just having fun. I don't know what it could be used for??? I don't think I'm using it in my cut... maybe just for a few seconds.

Ok, do with this what you will. And May I suggest to go through Robo_J's resources to Ravens  and see the evolution of this song by Metaphorest if you haven't already. Super powerful and really shows how Hitrecord works.

 I welcome any futher critiques and suggestions. skin like teflon, throw it down!

All my other Raven's records including HQ zips are in my Ravens Records album, attached to this record.

Oh, this is also my 300th record.

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