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MC's Boy on a Bike
monkeychow Released Mar 27, 2012

Billy lives in a small town in Ohio about fifteen miles from nowhere.  His dad is a traveling salesman who comes home on weekends and regales the neighbors with tales of his conquests.  His mom spends most of her time cleaning or something in the dark recesses of their prefab prairie house.  

There aren't a lot of kids Billy's age around and the ones that are there kid Billy because he is kinda chunky, he makes straight As in school, and his mom buys his clothes at Kmart.

What the kids or nobody else know is that Billy's head is full of songs and dreams and ideas for the future.  Billy dreams of growing up to be a lawyer and a physicist and a rock star a brilliant painter and movie producer and a race car/stunt driver and successful businessman and inventor of things that cure cancer and make life better for everyone.  Billy doesn't share his dreams because whenever he has disclosed even a part of his dreams they tell Billy he can't do all that but Billy doesn't know why not.

Billy spends most of his time alone riding his bike around town, when there is not a foot of snow on the ground, that is.  Even though his "rich" friends have fancy ten speeds they got for Christmas, Billy loves his bike that he bought with money he earned from his paper route.  Billy dreams about his bike being a jet airplane or a spaceship or a race car that is going to take him around the country, world, or universe.  Billy's gonna show them all one day.  Until then, Billy just keeps riding his bike.

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