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Toxic (LRRH)
caroleluciole Released Mar 27, 2012

In woods, many red berries are dangerous or even fatal
These fruits are colored in red to alert insects and animals:
"Attention, danger, do not eat me, I'm toxic"
Some insects, such as ladybird, use this stratagem for not to be eaten:
Red color indicates a danger to the predator
With this brightly colored, the other creatures of nature beware 
And let them go...

In the LRRH's tale, there isn't only the Little Red
Who falls into the trap of the wolf
Wolf also been trapped
He didn't heed the red fruit in the woods
Wanting to eat, he signed his own death warrant
It's the biter bit...

And if morality was to be for the wolf, eventually...
Wolves, don't be too greedy 
Because there are fruits that are not for you
Taste this Little Red (fruit) will lead you into your loss
Be careful Wolf (same word used to designate a womanizer)
Some wild berries (beauties) should be avoided.

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