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[DISCLAIMER: I know there might be some of you that disagree on my thoughts, and point of view(s). If I offend anyone, my sincere apologies, but consider this more of a rant with a point and meaning.]

Feminism has been around for just about forever, however, the level of it has raised through the roof in this new era/age that we live in.

Sadly, the main source of it these days is as we all already know it is, the media. Their ideal picture of what beauty or a woman should look like has standards so high that only the weakest of minds can achieve.

Yes, I say weakest of minds because only the stupidest of women will actually allow themselves to be brainwashed into this media frenzy of what beauty or a woman should look like.

Therefore, it brings me to my next subject, "Beauty".

As I have already made a RECord of this entitled "False Beauty"


And even though, I admit that sometimes I allow myself to be caught in between this war -as I like to call it, I know that what I am doing to myself, because that is the only person that I am hurting, it is completely and UTTERLY wrong.

The make up companies advertize their brands and products to the viewers and buyers, us. They tell us that by using their products we will be able to achieve that oh lets say "HOLLYWOOD LOOK". And the same goes for lingerie companies, what are they exactly telling us by posting these big billboards where the youth of our nation, of this WORLD? And the answer is..........(drum roll) In order to look beautiful you have to be a size 0-3 in order to look as good as their models in the lingerie that they model.

Well you know what I say to all of this?

FUCK YOU make up companies, FUCK YOU lingerie companies.

FUCK YOU to the media for DESTROYING our minds.

It is because of YOU that we, women are so self cautious about our bodies, the way we look in every single and last detail that there is to us.

And this isn't just the young youth that is being affected, it affects the entire WORLD. Both women and men, young and old; all in general.

 I'll give my left kidney stone if someone can prove me wrong that there isn't a single human being in this world that can't walk through a shopping mall, stop in front of a famous clothing line and see adds of starving women/men and say to themselves, "I wish I could look like them." How do I know this? Because I was one of them, I felt so disgusted with the person I'd see looking back at me in the mirror.

People don't see how much the media can influence someone by a single commercial or add.

Women and men should be able to feel beautiful, handsome in whatever they wear, however they look without having to worry about jean sizes or ripped abs.

We should be able to feel pleased with everything that were given with.

End of story.

'Nuff said,