For the little girl in red, the wolf prepares a drink as he hums happily from the bed. An old recipe among the woods, strong enough to knock out a bear, faint enough in smell not to alert the senses of the fair.  Merrily she strolls inside, and a feast is laid out before her twinkling eyes. Before she is seduced by this grand display, her eyes land on the wolf, wrapped in blankets starting to fray. What a peculiar disguise grandmother, she remarks, as she runs her hand over her face, with fur intermingling with bonnet and lace.

Drink up, dear Red, soon you will rest your sleepy head, and when you awake we will surely be wed.

My, Red thought, she must be really sick, she’s starting to sound quite delirious! Listening regardless to her grandmothers wish, she drank from the glass and soon enough her head started to dance and swish.

 Red awoke feeling fuzzy and fake, dressed up for a portrait for the wolf to take. In his Sunday best, he bent on one knee and said, “here we are, united at last, and here is a ring to seal the task” He set up the camera and hopped in his chair, and reached out his hand for Red to share. 

 Dazed was Red still, she was unsure of what to think, so she tried to smile for the camera as the wolf gave it a wink.

Writting and Illustration by me, Liz Emirzian, Illustration is done in charcoal. This piece and writing is inspired by one of the original versions of the story where the Wolf watches as Red eat parts of her grandmother, and where they become intimate before he eats her. In this piece the wolf has romantic aspirations for Red rather than wanting to eat her. He accomplishes this through using sedatives to get her to go along with it, which is a remark on the modern wolves we see prowling bars at night.

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