Ok, this version is copyright violation free. I hope everybody understands that I did not remix with an image that is a violation on purpose and as soon as it was brought to my attention I began to address it. I really love annejumps illustration of Red that I used in my previous remix, but I went a different way for this so that the wolf and Red went together. I couldnt find a wolf to go with Anne's Red.

  • Jasonangelone-1611561
    Ok! New version is done :)
  • Ron_hr_ck
    I like it even better.
  • Joybutton
    Amber, come to think of it, do you have any other less time-dependent requests for things you've been wanting? I'd like to get some more contributions in, but I find I need details + inspiration. Let me know on my portrait record.... I've been meaning to get around to the challenge collab but haven't really had time to survey it yet.
  • Jasonangelone-1611561
    Thanks for the hearts! Anne, that sounds good. There is a lot of illustration needed for the projects we are doing for Monster City. I will think of something that isn't too stressful and let you know. Actually I am looking for someone to illustrate what they think monster berries look like. I want a few versions of it, so if you feel like doing that I would be stoked. If not I will ask for something else <3
  • Joybutton
    If you can make a list of the things you need and links to related records, if applicable (such as those related to monster berries; I looked at the collab and did a search, but couldn't find those) that would be great!
  • Jasonangelone-1611561
    Thanks for the hearts Todd, caroleluciode, and JulesKD <3
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    is the title a line from Billy Joel's Awlways a woman to me? i was raisesd to believe that song was about me.

  • Jasonangelone-1611561
    Thanks for the hearts! @May, yes the title totally is a line from that song! I didn't think anyone would pick up on that, but Todd said the same thing on the old version of this record. Great minds think alike :)
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