CALLING ALL WRITERS / VISUAL ARTISTS! This week's Regularity is all about our new "Little Red Riding Hood" book! We have almost completed it but there are a few more requests to wrap up before we send it out to Iceland for print.


WRITERS: Write a brief statement (1-2 sentences, or a short paragraph) regarding the feminist themes found in LRRH. You can focus your writing on how LRRH relates to feminism, female sexuality, straying from "the path," or being a girl in a male-dominated society.

VISUAL ARTISTS: Find a piece of writing regarding LRRH's themes and visually interpret it with an illustration, a photo, or a combination of images. 

ILLUSTRATORS: We need more drawings of the Mother character. Additionally, we are still looking for some of the scenery from the story. Please illustrate additional backgrounds like Little Red Riding Hood's house and the field of Touch-Me-Not Shrubs.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: We would like to create a wallpaper page featuring a repeating pattern of LRRH characters that will be on the back pages of the cutout characters. 


Thanks again!







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  • Moi
    Le Petit Chaperon Rouge entre dans un bar. Assis au comptoir un loup affamé la déshabille du regard. Leurs yeux se croisent… elle frissonne.
    Les loups sont des prédateurs redoutables, elle le sait, mais il est déjà trop tard.
    Elle commande une bière.
    - C'est pour lui.
    La conversation commence, et à partir de cet instant elle ne s'appartient plus.
    Hypnotique et grisant. Excitant et dangereux. Un piège subtil rempli de charme et d'audace se referme sur elle.
    Rencontrer un loup c'est comme donner son âme au diable. C'est succomber à l'inconnu, se laisser tomber dans le vide. C'est faire du hors piste par temps d'avalanche.

    Cette nuit il n'a aucune peine à s'inviter chez elle. Un verre, un disque, un baiser, une étreinte.
    Les loups ne demandent aucune permission, ils prennent cruellement ce qui leur est dû, impertinents et désinvoltes ils dévorent leur proie sans scrupules.
    Se faire croquer par un loup… Ahh! … la petite mort, comme c'est exquis…
    Apr 01, 2013
  • Wholesomefun03
    An exciting project to be involved with, the feminist pieces so far have been great!
    And thanks Dr.Gory for using my song in the edit :)
    Mar 21, 2012
    by artanon
  • Ms
    He came across the little dear lady in the red
    He said to her
    ‘Tempting, your weakness
    Tonight it will end
    Lie down with me, my sweet
    Right here in this bed
    I am your savior, my dear little lady in red
    Take some time now, rest your dear head
    Let me watch you, right here, right now, in this stead
    For without me, you know you shall not be fed
    Nor clothed, nor homed
    Nor taken and wed
    Without me my dear, you’re life you would dread
    A lady like you, must always be led
    So do as I like, and tonight…
    You’re life will not end’
    Taken and forced
    To lie with him in bed….
    Now that little hooded dear little lady in red….
    Lay in wait, to ponder
    A fitting reaction instead
    To all that was said
    And what he just did
    Emotions a-swirling….
    Many a thought in her head
    Beneath her red hooded cap
    His words orbiting like a trap
    To react, would be curt
    And with feelings so hurt
    She’d be quickly dismissed
    And then she’d be pissed
    So using her wits
    Which she did with great ease
    She sliced and she diced,
    Put that sly fox to his knees
    She knew that her grandma
    Would surely be pleased
    She did it for her
    And all the women he leased
    And devoured
    To vanish
    Their lives he then ceased
    That clever little hooded devil in red
    Wasn’t at all as helpless as she before led
    She wasn’t the helpless little girl
    But instead
    She knew life’s lessons
    And she knew them quite well
    And that story once told
    To little girls everywhere
    Diminished her capabilities
    Full of lies it did bear
    She was feisty little sprite
    Clever as a tack
    Little girls everywhere
    Remember her….
    Just as that
    Mar 28, 2012
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