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Huntsman: So, Red. Tell me how you ended up getting eaten by the Big Bad Wolf.

Red: Well, I was on my way to my grandmother's house...

Huntsman: What were you wearing?

Red: A red cloak.

Huntsman: Ah. A red cloak. Why were you dressed like that?

Red: My mother gave it to me.

Huntsman: So your mother approved of you dressing like that? Go on.

Red: I was bringing a basket to my grandmother.

Huntsman: What was in the basket?

Red: Flowers. Bread. A bottle of wine.

Huntsman: So you were carrying alcohol. I see. And then what happened?

Red: And then I met the Wolf. He said he knew a place where wild flowers grew, off the path.

Huntsman: So you willingly followed him? He didn't force you to go with him? Didn't hold a gun to your head, didn't threaten you in any way? You just went with him, even though you'd...

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Asking for it
JulesKD Released Mar 21, 2012
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