by chloe04

So here's a little video explaining the character collaboration, sorry for the awkwardness of the video...I'm a little awkward...and British...which seem to go hand in hand for some reason. Anyway, at least you know I'm not a computer program!

As again, if i have forgotten to resource you please let me know :)

  • Sojushots-1461213
    awesome Collab Chloe!!! :D
  • 10150517_10152191345073159_6224607299363931162_n
    Thanks guys! and thanks sojushots :)
    by chloe04
  • Dreamer
    What a brilliant idea!
  • Lydiasaskia-1462056
    this is a great idea! im suprised we havent done it before! i'll deffo get involved in this! xxxx
  • 10150517_10152191345073159_6224607299363931162_n
    Thanks guys! Thanks Klosinski! And yeah LydiaSaskia, if you have time that would be great :)
    by chloe04
  • Pc275864
    Nice collab chloe! I absolutely agree with you that there's so many special characters created and floating around on HitRECord but they're so hard to find sometimes! The best way to remind us these characters exist are really with collabs or personal albums. Thanks for starting this <3 lynnie
  • 10150517_10152191345073159_6224607299363931162_n
    Thanks Lynnie, hopefully we can 'save' some of these lost characters :)
    by chloe04
  • Pc275864
    Yes, Yes... they must be saved! (^_^)
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